Kafka in Tangier

Kafka in Tangier

Kafka in Tangier announces the birth of a Moroccan novelist who has created a different narrative that seeks universality through its immersion in the local environment, with all its hypocrisy and contradictions.”

― Fatima Ouaiaou.

Mohammed Said Hjiouij (born April 1, 1982) is a Moroccan Novelist. He is known for his novella "By Night In Tangier," which won the Inaugural Ismail Fahd Ismail Prize (2019). An excerpt from his novella "Kafka In Tangier" have been translated into Hebrew and Italian.

Phoebe Bay Carter is a translator from Arabic and Spanish and a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. Her translations have appeared in ArabLit Quarterly, InTranslation, Action Books blog, and elsewhere.

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